Meet Maricar Bustos, Quantity Surveyor Lead, ENGIE Services Philippines

Women In Sustainability

Ensuring A Sustainable Future

When it comes to developing a greener world, procurement lies at the heart of ensuring the right sustainable decisions are made. As the Quantity Surveyor Lead in ENGIE based in the Philippines, Maricar specializes in bidding for big capital projects with an emphasis on sustainable procurement.

Her work also involves the billing process during the project implementation stage as well as handling the logistic flow of purchased equipment to the site.

This includes projects at Clark International Airport’s Terminal 2 where she helped with the installation of three new magnetic chillers with 750 TR capacity, and Schneider Electric Cav 2 & Cav 3, where Maricar and the project team worked on converting the package type air-cooled units into a centralized chilled water system.

When Maricar first joined ENGIE, she was given the responsibility to help management streamline the bidding process with the freedom to modernize it with full support.

“It was a challenging process at first, but we are thankful for the support given from our regional office,” Maricar mentions.

Caption: Maricar at Clark International Airport Terminal 2, where she worked on the new chiller plant servicing the whole airport

Developing Expertise With ENGIE

Recollecting her beginnings with the company, Maricar cheerfully highlights joining as a civil engineer with no experience in the energy and sustainability industry.

“Through my colleagues in ENGIE, I have learned the essentials of electrical and mechanical engineering which is essential for my roles,” she shares.

She credits much of her professional growth to her procurement manager who conducts open feedback as well as integrating the department with the project management team to help improve the process.

While engineering is usually dominated by male engineers, Maricar is given equal opportunities to succeed and grow in a welcoming environment.

As the lead in her team, she actively celebrates successes and milestones. During this pandemic, the team also makes it a point to send food and snacks through delivery to keep spirits high.

Driving Sustainability One Project At A Time

For Maricar, her motivations for driving sustainability are both personal and professional. She believes that it isn’t just simply caring for the environment, but also taking into consideration how it will impact us as individuals.

Practicing sustainability is important to be able to enjoy in the future, what we have today. Being a new mother, I want my child to experience and enjoy a better world

In her role, Maricar actively contributes to more sustainable decisions by careful selection of the materials being used. She views this as a double win for both the company and the environment. By choosing good quality materials that are sustainable, the company can enjoy long-term savings while enjoying environmental benefits as well.

“By combining the technical and financial aspects, we are able to select the most sustainable and economically feasible equipment for the project,” Maricar highlights.

To further the cause of sustainability, Maricar hopes to gain training in Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) to contribute better to projects, especially when it comes to reducing carbon emissions.

A Culture Of Gender Equality

To Maricar, gender equality revolves around being given the same opportunity to succeed, even in a field dominated by male engineers. This means acknowledging and hearing out various ideas and opinions.

I was the first female that joined the QS department and was treated with respect by my colleagues. I was also given the opportunity to lead the bidding for big-ticket purchases and initiate meetings with the key decision-makers based on my capabilities and not my gender

Maricar proudly mentioned how in the Philippines, gender stereotypes are not prevalent and women are acknowledged in their field for what they can bring to the table.

She remarks how in ENGIE, gender equality starts from the top and how it is heartening to see leaders encourage gender equality through their actions.

“Our general manager always makes sure everyone, inside or outside of the office is being treated equally. This helps to foster a respectful work environment that is motivating and helps bring out our best!” she adds.