ENGIE South East Asia is a leading provider of Integrated Facilities Management solutions (IFM), property management, operations and maintenance, specialized rail engineering works, sustainable solutions and FM Consultancy services. With strong presence in various counties across South East Asia, we operate across mission-critical industries - aviation, transportation, healthcare, education, government and commercial.

ENGIE understands the integrated role of facility management and the value of it can be expanded beyond the traditional approach. As a total FM, specialized engineering and sustainable real estate solutions service provider, ENGIE offers a comprehensive range of technical, digital and support services customisable to best suit your unique needs.

Latest News
April 2020: ENGIE has successfully achieved the new BCA work-head Facilities management - FM O1 (M1 – Highest grade).

ENGIE manages all your real estate logistics function, leaving you to focus on your business priorities.

Our Vision & Mission

To be the preferred service provider of one-stop integrated services, continually performing our best in delivering our core competencies and to be the preferred service partner who enhances the mission of our clients by sharing the same philosophy, values and providing them with value-added services and support.

Our Expertise

  • Over 40 years IFM experience in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and The Philippines
  • Accredited ESCO since 2005
  • Niche expertise in mission critical facilities
  • In-house CMMS and IoT Solutions

Our Commitment to Quality

Our team of experienced professionals have put in place rigorous quality standards at all facilities managed by us. In partnership with clients, we have developed customized programmes that meet the different needs of the organizations. ENGIE is one of the first maintenance companies in Singapore to achieve ISO 9001 for facilities management and operations.

We harness knowledge, skills and info-communication technology to carefully plan predictive maintenance activities and minimise unproductive, corrective maintenance events.

With our strong expertise in managing and maintaining technical system and equipment, coupled with the proven-track records, ENGIE strives to be your preferred choice of a one-stop integrated service partner. As part of our pro-active facilities management, we ensure the personnel deployed to our project sites will have the knowledge and capabilities to perform technical repair works as and when required.

Some of our technical services include

  • Smart management of maintenance (iBMS, BMS, EMS, CMMS and IoT)
  • Mechanical & Electrical maintenance
  • Building infrastructure maintenance
  • Chiller maintenance and upgrading works
  • Fire protection systems for lifts and other equipment
  • ACMV maintenance
  • Utility management
  • Airport solutions

Be it managing an office unit or a property, ENGIE understands the importance of the soft aspect of the facilities management. We offer a comprehensive range of soft services, customisable to your needs.

Some of our soft services include

  • Cleaning services
  • Security guard services
  • Waste management
  • Landscape
  • Pest Control
  • Business continuity plan
  • Crisis management and recovery
  • Office and Occupant Management encompassing of receptionists, mailroom operations and pantry lady services
  • Catering services
  • Hospitality housekeeping services
  • Contracts management
  • Contractor/Sub-contractor management
  • Procurement management

Asset owners can benefit from the deregulated electricity market by procuring electricity supply directly from EMA-licensed retailers. We are familiar with the different charging models offered by the licensed retailers and can facilitate management decision by simplifying the complexities in evaluating electricity price plans.

Our expertise includes

  • Review historical electricity consumption pattern
  • Invite electricity retailers to tender for a contract to supply electricity
  • Evaluate, compare and highlight the strengths and limitations of each proposal
  • Recommend a proposal that best fits the building consumption requirement
  • Monitor the switchover to a new electricity retailer
  • Where necessary, we will work with building owners and retailers to obtain consent from the building’s tenants to procure electricity in bulk
  • As part of our Utility-as-a-Service (Uaas), we will also invest and operate your utility systems and, leave you to focus on your core business with the guarantees of performance and energy savings.



Over 4 decades of experience with combined managed facilities spaces of more than 2.5mil sqm, ENGIE consistently delivers best-in-class service standards, offers reliable support and proven expertise in managing mission-critical facilities and operations for our clients.

  • Airport Solutions
  • Business
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • Industrial



“… ENGIE staff for going beyond their call of duty... Greatly appreciate the team’s extraordinary commitment to support us in safeguarding and upkeeping …”

Vice President, Airport Solutions Client


“… The deep sense of responsibility and professionalism demonstrated by ENGIE’s staff is highly commendable …”

Deputy Director, Government Agency Client


“… Congratulations to you and your management in your successful staff training and for having such good staff …”

Senior Associate, Healthcare Client