Sustainable Data Centres
for the Future

Data centres are the second largest carbon producer after the aviation industry. Companies around the globe are looking for ways to reduce their carbon emissions to meet individual or collective climate targets.

ENGIE leads the way for greener future with integrated low-carbon and high-performance solutions that enables a reliable, sustainable, agile and energy efficient data centre.

We bring unrivalled domain expertise in the Design, Build, Management and Operation of mission-critical data centres that deliver significant gains in energy efficiency, reduction in cost and carbon emissions. Sustainability is the key aspect of our approach throughout the data centre lifecycle.

Reducing environmental impact of data centres

1. Sustainability by Design – RED Engineering

Awarded globally for low energy and innovative designs, RED Engineering provides building services design consultancy and specialises in the design of mechanical and electrical engineering services, new buildings, complex and high performance buildings, infrastructure and live upgrade projects; with a focus on innovative, low energy solutions and global project delivery.

  • M&E Concept & Detailed Design
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Planning & building regulations compliance
  • Data Centre Space Planning
  • Digital Engineering & BIM
  • Tier rating/ Classifications
  • BREEAM / LEED consultancy
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2. Sustainable Build & Construct – ENGIE RCS

Data centers are built with the highest environmental standards in mind. ENGIE RCS (formerly known as RCS Engineering Pte Ltd) specialises in engineering, designing and installation for commercial, residential and purpose-built industrial buildings such as data centres and offshore E&I.

  • Construction Design
  • Site Feasibility Study
  • Data Centre Space Planning
  • Digital Engineering & BIM
  • Technical Project Management– budgeting, oversight, PMO
  • Installation, Commissioning & Testing
  • Large Data Centre Fit-out works
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3. Smart Data Centre Operations  – Avril Digital

ENGIE provides enterprise, colocation and hyperscale data centres with a comprehensive portfolio of mission critical data centre operations and management services. Globally proven, best-in-class management practices, systematic and documented policies and procedures that drives consistency to reduce risk of errors, maintain an efficient operation and reduce cost. With the power of big data, advanced analytics with machine learning technologies ENGIE delivers sophisticated predictive intelligence that detect unseen anomalies, anticipate operational threats, optimise system performance and scale with greater agility, all while delivering greater sustainability and extending the life span of your data centre.

  • Advanced Analytics Support Services
  • Facility Management Services
  • Maintenance Management Services
  • Remote Support Services
  • Smart/Remote Hands
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Data Centre PUE Assessments
  • Green Data Centre Certifications
  • Energy Consultancy & Performance Contracting
  • Risk Assessment – Electrical/ Mechanical
  • Continuous Improvement Roadmap
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4. Energy Efficient Transformation for Growth – ENGIE ITS

From Turnkey data centre solutions to facility management services, ENGIE ITS provide a suite of tailored solutions for a spectrum of organisations ranging from manufacturing and transportation companies to telcos and financial institutions.  We help organisations optimise their current critical facilities, reduce operational complexity, design for efficiency and extend the lifespan of their data centres.

  • Data Centre Upgrades/ Modernisation
  • Solution Engineering
  • Capacity Expansion/Relocation Consolidation
  • Retrofitting
  • Revamp/ Refurbishments
  • Enterprise Data Centre Fit-out works
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5. Supply Green Energy – ENGIE’s Green Initiatives

Green power from renewable assets with ENGIE corporate PPAs. ENGIE is further scaling its design of complex, multi-source, profiled power purchase agreements (PPAs) and 24/7 green energy flows which are now widely sought.

  • Green energy supply
  • Green corporate PPA
  • On-site generation

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