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ADAM Nureen, Sales Admin Executive at ENGIE ITS – Despite progress, there are still barriers that hinder women's career advancement in certain industries. It's essential to continue promoting inclusivity, addressing biases, and fostering an environment that values diversity to create equal opportunities for everyone. In my personal experience, I have not felt hindered by my gender in the workplace, but acknowledging and working towards broader gender equality is crucial for the industry as a whole.

NG Hui Qi, Assistant HR Manager at ENGIE Services Singapore – There are societal expectations related to family and caregiving responsibilities that make it difficult to balance work and personal life. Tackling this issue requires a comprehensive approach that involves changing cultural norms, promoting workplace policies that support work-life balance, and challenging gender stereotypes. Organisations can play a crucial role by implementing family-friendly policies, fostering a culture of inclusivity, and actively working to eliminate biases that hinder women's professional advancement.

SINGH Unnati, Green Solutions Analyst at ENGIE GEMS – There remains a persistent underrepresentation of women in the energy trading industry. This often translates to women being held up to higher standards, irrespective of their accomplishments.As companies work to support and empower women, there should be a focus on fostering an environment of that is not only aware of, but actively addresses systemic barriers faced by women in the workplace.

HAN Gilaine, Ops and Community Manager at ENGIE Factory – Gender inequality remains the greatest challenge faced by women today, in various forms such as unequal opportunities, pay disparities, and societal expectations.

AZMAN Marisa, Chief Financial Officer at ENGIE South East Asia– We need to be vocal about adjusting our ways of working to suit personal circumstances and family responsibilities. It is not easy, but more and more I learn to speak up and draw the line to create the right balance between work and home (e.g. making sure to be home in time to see my children in the evenings).


Left to right: Gilaine, Abhiruchi, Nureen, Lathika & Beth


KABIGTING Karen, Site Lead at ENGIE Services Philippines – I am motivated to acquire the necessary technical knowledge to excel in my field. The engineering sector is competitive and having the right expertise is my way of showing what an empowered woman can do. As long as we have the right skills, we can excel in our respective industries and promote gender parity.

BAQUIRAN Beth, BIM Modeller at ENGIE RCS– I believe everyone should be given equal opportunities, especially in the male-dominated Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. Through engagement and speaking up, I contribute to building a supportive and inclusive workplace culture essential for overcoming any gender stereotypes.

VILLANUEVA Maila, Senior Document Controller at ENGIE RED – I’m thankful to be working in an environment where everyone feels respected and supported. As society progresses, recognising the value that women can bring to the workplace is the best way to overcome gender stereotypes.


Left to right: Marisa, Karen, Maila, Hui Qi, Unnati and Shih Wen


Lathika Mouli, Manager at ENGIE Impact – As a young professional, it is so important to have female role models who can guide and support you in difficult moments. I am lucky to have met so many amazing women in my personal and professional life who are constantly raising the bar of excellence and challenging me to become my best self.

CHEONG Shih Wen, Legal Counsel at ENGIE Services Malaysia – I look up to women who are able to balance work and family. My mother and my general counsel, Janet, have shown me that women can excel at work while balancing family responsibilities.

Abhiruchi GADGIL, Programme Manager at ENGIE Lab – Recently, I read a book, “Hope” by the great anthropologist and conservationist, Jane Goodall, and I am truly inspired and motivated by the brilliance and persistence in forging new paths and breaking norms.