ENGIE’s commitment to innovative solutions for furthering decarbonisation has led to a bespoke, integrated solution comprising Cooling, Solar and Energy Management System for Lumileds’ Singapore factory. By bundling multiple low carbon technologies, the system guarantees reduction of energy consumption, significant decrease in carbon emissions and cost savings. Under the Total Cost of Ownership approach, ENGIE has financed the project, freeing up Lumileds’ capital and operational expenditure to be redirected to their core business.


Lumileds initiated a dedicated journey towards decarbonisation, driven by a commitment to lower energy intensity and minimise its overall carbon footprint. In pursuit of those sustainability goals, Lumileds leveraged ENGIE's integrated solution to significantly lower their CO2 emissions by 1,350 tons per year. 


The comprehensive solution allows Lumileds to actively monitor and manage the real-time performance of the integrated systems and contributed to more than 10% reduction in their overall lifecycle costs. In addition, ENGIE's support and expertise empowered Lumileds to make substantial progress in their decarbonisation journey, and also provided them with the tools and insights necessary to enhance sustainability and cost-effectiveness throughout their operational lifecycle.


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