SINGAPORE, 20 June 2019 - Healthcare facilities are complex ecosystems of different building types and services areas, each with specific compliance standards for temperature and humidity. The maintenance of these parameters is critical, as high temperature and humidity may threaten the integrity of pharmaceutics.


To enhance healthcare facilities and provide better patient experience, ENGIE and UnaBiz partnered KK Women’s and Children’s’ Hospital (KKH) and embarked on a Smart Facilities Management project with digitization of temperature and humidity monitoring using low-power sensors to provide remote monitoring while providing a better patient experience and enabling timely intervention of anomalies.


Over 100 temperature and humidity sensors by ENLESS WIRELESS have been deployed around KKH in areas such as the intensive care units, outpatient clinics, patient wards and pharmacies. Already, the hospital is seeing encouraging results in this pioneer project. Feedback gathered from the Facilities Management (FM) Department mentioned that they can quickly respond to the temperature alarm if the set point is exceeded.


By deploying sensors to collect data of room temperature and humidity, staff at KKH no longer maintain manual 24-hour daily temperature logs and can now avail more time to look after patients. Furthermore, digital records are much faster, and better for audit purpose.



“ENGIE is delighted to be partnering with UnaBiz to pilot this IoT solution with KKH. As KKH’s facilities management partner, we strive to create and enhance the best possible environment for the well healing of patients. With the successful implementation of this innovative initiative to monitor the environmental conditions in near real-time and hassle-free, it is a progressive step for KKH in achieving their mission of being a healthcare leader for Women and Children.” says Yeo Kong Nee, Managing Director, ENGIE Services Singapore.


Jonathan Tan, Managing Director of UnaBiz comments: “We are especially pleased to support KKH with this pilot. The project is a great example of how IoT can be used to value add the way people perform their jobs. And this is just a beginning, the solution is highly scalable and easy to implement for health facilities anywhere in the world. We want to help healthcare professionals ensure the best possible environment for patients. Together we can better care for our loved ones.”


“ENLESS WIRELESS sensors are designed and developed for BEMS applications. We are happy that our easy to implement, low power long range solution is helping to lower KKH’s energy consumption and most importantly, improving the comfort of their occupants and visitors.” says Bruno Petit, Founder & CEO, ENLESS WIRELESS.