Meet Sharlin Khor, Solar Operation Executive, ENGIE South East Asia

Women In Sustainability

Creating Sustainable World At Work And Beyond

Working with Solar as a source of clean energy, Sharlin taps into her job to encourage clients to make greener choices – in the workplace and beyond.

Learn how she gets empowered at work and her plans to help contribute towards a more sustainable future!

Sustainability improves our quality of life, protects the environment and the ecosystem, as well as preserves nature and resources for our future generations. We all played a part to keep this going in creating a better environment.

Driving Sustainability One Proposal At A Time

A strong believer in the importance of sustainability, Sharlin taps into her job to help bring awareness to how solar can reduce the environmental impact.

“Through the business offerings such as solar, I help them to understand the potential environmental, social and economic benefits of having their premises being solarized,” she explains.

Whenever Sharlin’s clients accept the team proposals and tap into solar as part of their clean energy supply, she feels that it is one step closer to bettering the environment and drawing near to ENGIE's commitment to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2045 for us and for our clients.

ENGIE has secured commercial solar projects with a combined capacity of 15 MWp in Singapore recently. Ranging from different industry profiles including medical technology, logistics & warehouse and commercial retailer companies.

One example is the 20-year fixed Power Purchase Agreement with NTUC Fairprice to deploy 2.45MWp Rooftop Solar System integrated with Battery Energy Storage System and Electric Vehicle Chargers at NTUC FairPrice Hub.

Empowerment Through Increased Responsibility

I feel greater motivation when my superior gives me a chance to have more control over managing my tasks and jobs, priorities and deadlines,

The company’s culture of open conversation allows her to be confident and at ease to share her opinions and ideas with her colleagues and managers.

At work, Sharlin is given her own set of responsibilities and the freedom to manage her tasks independently. She feels empowered in the workplace while achieving her goals and pushing past boundaries.

Through ENGIE, she has grown professionally and developed her skills through courses and platforms such as ENGIE Learning Festival and ENGIE University platform, readily available to all employees.

“Those courses give a better idea of what the company’s visions and objectives are, so you can better enter into the culture and go with the company’s direction more effectively,” she shares.

She goes on to add that there is equality in the workplace for both men and women, citing an example that regardless of gender, all employees get to enjoy flexible working options in the event family commitments arise.

Moving Towards A More Sustainable Future

When it comes to personal sustainability goals, Sharlin believes that there are simple ways to make greener choices.

One of the quickest ways to lower the collective greenhouse gas emissions is to eat less meat. In addition, Sharlin also believes in the adoption of cleaner energy technologies for businesses as it not only helps improve energy efficiency but also reduces the need for fossil fuel consumption.

Sustainability improves our quality of life, protects the environment and the ecosystem, as well as preserves nature and resources for future generations,” she adds. “We have a role in keeping this going to create a better environment.