This International Women’s Day (IWD), ENGIE shines a spotlight on inclusion. Campaigning for gender parity, ENGIE views IWD as an opportunity to enable all genders to gain insight to women’s perspectives. The campaign included a panel discussion, which brought together ENGIE’s regional female leaders, and highlights of ENGIE women’s journey in the sustainability industry.


“Work is not just about making money, but more about the significance and value one brings to the society.” Yee Wah Tang, Deputy Manager, ENGIE Lab Singapore speaks to Lianhe Zaobao on charting a career path in the traditionally male-dominated energy sector. Read more here.


ENGIE recognises the value of a balanced workforce at large. Striving for the goal of 50% gender parity in management positions by 2030, ENGIE believes that a people-first culture based on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) is crucial. Since 2022, ENGIE has been participating in the Rise & Lead Summit, an event that champions the advancement of DEI. In 2023, 32% female new hires in managerial positions was achieved with an enhanced recruitment strategy that includes scholarships, referral incentive schemes and more.


Women-focused Initiatives


“By prioritising employee wellbeing, particularly in terms of maintaining work-life balance, organisations create an environment where women feel empowered to pursue careers in technology without sacrificing their personal lives.” – Karen Ng, Head, Digital Solutioning, ENGIE South-East Asia, shares how better benefits and flexible work processes can boost gender parity in an interview with HRM Asia. Read more here.


While policies regarding opportunities and remuneration are comparatively easier to remediate, ENGIE recognises that women face a different set of challenges—one of cultural norms, societal expectations and systemic barriers.


ENGIE’s Women Empowerment Network (WEN) is specially aimed at providing necessary support and security for women balancing career and familial responsibilities. Its flagship initiative, the ENGIE Care Programme, is designed to provide networking and mentorship opportunities.


Empowering Women in the Workplace


“Strong leadership to me, is about inspiring others through actions, fostering a culture of empowerment and accountability, and being a role model to young females entering the workforce.” – Rowena Dalosa, General Manager, ENGIE Services Philippines, speaks to the importance of quality leadership and nurturing talents. Read her interviews with Human Resources Online and Tech Collective Asia.


“Women have a unique way of leading, the key differentors being inclusiveness, empathy and emotional acuity” – Marisa Azman, Chief Financial Officer, ENGIE South East Asia, on the distinctive strengths that women contribute to leadership.


“It is crucial to invest in yourself (both technical and soft skills), embrace your uniqueness and believe in your abilities. Do not shy away from opportunities.” – Janet Tang, General Counsel, ENGIE South East Asia shares her advice to aspiring young women.

Read their features on the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association magazine.


ENGIE’s DEI initiatives relies on regular engagement of stakeholders, as well as ENGIE’s Ways of Leading (WOL) initiatives. With communication and education on DEI initiatives, policies are implemented, monitored and evaluated to ensure progress and performance of DEI indicators.


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