Sebastien Walker interviewed by BT Lense on Singapore podcast

As one of the world’s hottest and most humid countries, Singapore relies on air conditioning year-round.

However, air conditioning, while cooling the inside, ironically increases the heat outside, contributing to the ‘heat island effect’ where urbanised areas suffer from higher temperatures than outlying areas, amplifying the negative effects of global warming and putting city dwellers’ health at risk.

In Lens on Singapore, a series of podcast published by The Business Times, correspondent Howie Lim interviews a diverse mix of experts in the realm of cooling to uncover how Singapore can create and implement greener cooling systems. Tune in to episode two of the series to hear insights from Sebastien Walker, Head of Business Development for Mixed-use and Real Estate at ENGIE South East Asia, on the topic of cooling-as-a-service (CaaS) as one solution for sustainably cooling Singapore.

To listen to the full podcast and discover more about the role sustainable cooling is playing in the energy transition, click here.