Using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms enabled on its platform, Avril Digital Outcome-focused Services allow ENGIE Data Centre experts to detect anomalies, identify performance shortfalls and predict operational threats that need immediate attention before they escalate into costly problems.

Avril Digital Outcome-focused Services also provides a tailored service solution with accurate fact-based actionable insights that resolve data centre issues swiftly and prioritise corrective continuous improvement actions that enable data centres to be future ready.

In today's always-on, mobile, and automated world where data drive the digital economy, the data centre is the heart that powers everything. Data centres are vital to the digital economy because they house, protect and provide secure access to the massive amounts of data that are created every minute by enterprises and government-level entities. Thus, data centres need to be designed properly and have continuous power, cooling and monitoring to maintain uptime, efficiency and to operate at peak performance.


Avril Digital Outcome-focused Services take on a proactive approach to remove the guesswork from critical operational decisions by applying advanced data-driven analytics and condition-based monitoring for decisive actions and better outcomes for data centre management, particularly in these key areas:

·         Effective fault management – Provides meaningful fault notifications to enable effective response to critical faults with accurate information to prevent future recurrence

·         Early operational threats – Avril Digital advanced machine learning engine detects anomalies and anticipates operational threats that need immediate attention before they escalate into costly problems

·         Maximise asset performance – Proactively detects performance degradation to determine risk and estimated useful life

·         Improve and sustain data centre environment – Provides effective ways to manage performance shortfalls and improve system efficiencies at any stage of the data centre lifecycle

·         Compliance to data centre standards – Superior data centre energy and environmental performance aligned to Data Centre Standards such as BCA-IMDA Green Mark for Data Centres and Singapore Standard for Green Data Centres SS 564: 2013.


Results from early pilot deployments of Avril Digital Outcome-focused Services have shown an improvement to data centre lifecycles by providing actionable insights and plans, especially in managing energy efficiency.


“With the rising complexities in data centre operation and operational costs the traditional data centre solutions and reactive approaches are no longer enough. Companies can leverage Avril Digital Outcome-focused Services to gain control of energy use and achieve high rates of return in the form of energy savings. Companies that utilise this approach are ultimately paying for performance resulting in benefits of up to 50% reduction in operation costs and optimise their energy efficiency by up to 30%,” said Joycelyn Longue, Director, Business Development, Smart Digital Solutions, ENGIE ITS.


With the launch of Avril Digital Outcome-focused Services, ENGIE Infrastructure Technology Solutions (EITS) has added yet another offering to its portfolio of designing, building, managing and operating data centres in Singapore. This new service is also aligned with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives to support better living through technology and a 2030 climate pledge to reduce its carbon emission intensity.


Pierre Cheyron, CEO, ENGIE Services Asia-Pacific, added “Singapore continues to be Asia Pacific’s top location for data centre operations. It is estimated that Asia Pacific’s data centre services’ market size will exceed the European market size by 2021. However, most data centres in Singapore, many in the middle of their lifespan, were designed and constructed without sustainability and energy conservation in mind. Thus, this represents a tremendous opportunity for data centres here to step up and play their part in helping the environment.”