Mr Yeo Kong Nee, Managing Director, ENGIE Services Singapore receiving the Medal of Commendation from Mr Ng Chee Meng, Secretary General, NTUC


We are honoured to receive the Medal Commendation at NTUC May Day Awards 2024, and award conferred on senior management personnel who, besides promoting good industrial relations and initiating workers’ training and skills upgrading programmes, also supported Labour Movement and its initiatives.

ENGIE has a long-standing commitment to the welfare and excellence of its staff across all levels of the business. This commitment is well reflected in Singapore by the progressive labour-management relations we enjoy with the Singapore Industrial & Services Employees’ Union (SISEU). SISEU regularly collaborates with ENGIE, assisting in the managing of worker concerns and even executing staff-level policies.


Embracing Innovation for Safety

To further advocate a strong safety culture, ENGIE developed an EHS portal for easy reporting of environmental, health, and safety issues. This initiative not only streamlined reporting processes but also facilitated timely intervention and preventive measures, contributing to a safer work environment for all employees. With the implementation of the portal, there was a significant reduction in reportable accidents by 58% compared to the previous year.


Commitment to Employee Development

ENGIE prioritises training initiatives such as the Green Mark Accredited Professional (GMAP) and the Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM) accreditation courses. Additionally, the establishment of an Energy Efficiency Team underscores the company's commitment to integrating sustainability expertise into daily operations.


Harnessing Technology for Efficiency

The implementation of the in-house developed "Smart O&M" system exemplifies ENGIE's commitment to leveraging technology for workplace efficiency. This comprehensive system, equipped with IoT sensors and analytics, not only manages equipment and parts inventory but also enhances operational performance and decision-making.


Cultivating a Culture of Learning

ENGIE has embraced a culture of continuous learning through initiatives such as the ENGIE Ways of Leading framework. This comprehensive leadership program, focused on safety, integrity, accountability, trust and care, has empowered employees to embody these principles in their daily interactions and decision-making. Furthermore, there is a dedicated learning channel on the company SharePoint page where employees have access to self-help resources to further their professional development.


From left to right: Chua Yew Soon, Kamarudin Senin, Connie Lim, Samad Bin Nordin, Desmond Tan, Yeo Kong Nee, Taufiq Jailani, Gerard Tan, Eric Pang, Lindy Cheng


The journey towards providing a healthy, thriving workplace has been a collective effort, this award is a reflection of the collaborative spirit and dedication of all our employees, contractors, and leaders. We are humbled and grateful for all the support and stay deeply committed to creating a positive and supportive for all employees.


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