As a member of the Singapore Green Building Council, ENGIE is committed to creating value for our Singapore and regional customers through our energy services. Building on our in-depth knowledge, we provide a full spectrum of energy services allowing customers to achieve their energy goals and targets.

These energy services encompass:

Leveraging extensive experience and an in-house team of Singapore Certified Energy Managers, Green Mark Managers and Green Mark Facility Managers – all of whom are accredited and certified by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA – GMM, GMFM) and the National Environment Agency (NEA – SCEM) – ENGIE  provides consultancy services for businesses looking to attain Green Mark certification.

Besides aiding corporate social responsibility initiatives, the Green Mark certificate also enhances values of buildings, boosting corporate image.

ENGIE carries out energy audits on facilities to systematically investigate and analyze the usage of energy within the facility. The audit helps to identify areas where energy-efficiency improvements can be made, and to quantify potential energy savings. All energy audit reports and subsequent implementation reports are prepared in accordance with established international standards and codes.

ENGIE uses comprehensive instrumentation to carry out the various levels of Energy Audit. The right tools capture the right data for analysis, thus enabling ENGIE to provide the correct proposal to customers.

Value Proposition:

  • Reduce building’s operational and life cycle cost
  • Improve staff productivity with better indoor air quality
  • Enhance the value of the building through Green Mark Certification
  • Boost client’s image and branding
  • Contribute to corporate social responsibility
  • Help align companies with government’s direction towards greening of buildings

Targeting the areas for biggest energy-efficiency improvements, ENGIE provides turnkey green engineering project works to upgrade mechanical and electrical systems for greater efficiency and long-term cost savings.

Some examples include the replacement of chiller plant equipment, the installation of variable speed drives and the conversion of conventional lighting to LED lighting.

Providing clients with convenience, ENGIE undertakes the full spectrum of project management from system design to implementation – right up to the complete handover of new installations to the client.

Through our team of experienced and dedicated Facility Management personnel, ENGIE optimizes equipment during everyday operations and maintenance to improve each building’s efficiency.

With the installation of the Energy Management System (EMS), real-time data on energy usage can also be tracked, and anomalies can be surfaced for immediate investigation and rectification.

ENGIE’s EMS is a powerful analytical tool that includes the installation of accurate measurement and verification instruments to monitor energy consumption and utilities of the facilities. The EMS helps in:

Data Collection on energy consumption

  • Track and analyze individual equipment’s energy usage in real-time
  • Detect irregular spikes, energy consumption allowing for faster response
  • In accordance to local guidelines on measurement and verification

Quantification of energy-saving opportunities

  • Aids in identifying energy-intensive systems
  • Provides comprehensive data reporting and trend analysis
  • Includes costing module to calculate energy costs, helping to quantify energy and cost savings due to energy enhancement/retrofitting works

Targeting opportunities to save energy

  • Compares the performances of equipment and identifies equipment with the biggest potential for energy savings
  • Send notifications on underperforming/malfunctioning equipment

For each customer, ENGIE believes in analyzing the existing conditions and evaluating the customer’s needs, target and goals. From these inputs, a customized proposal will be given with the customer’s target and goals in mind.